11 oct Heloise Werner

Héloïse Werner

At times reserved and reflective, at times comically direct, it is a tour de force showcase for soprano Heloïse Werner.

Using a colourful array of vocal and performative means, composer Jonathan Woolgar and director Emily Burns imagine historic, comic and tragic pictures of “the end”, from the heat death of the universe through to the demise of humanity and finally the end of an individual life. How might we grieve for them?

Over the past few years, I have experienced grief. It’s impossible to rationally « describe » your experience of grief because death is absurd. You can’t make sense of it. Yet it’s painful. In our everyday life, we don’t talk about death (fair enough, what is there to discuss?) So when you loose someone, you find yourself surrounded by people who never talk to you about it – not in person anyway – because they simply can’t. Or, if they think they can, it quickly becomes unhelpful and patronising, in a weird sort of way. I find it all fascinating and even though I still can’t make sense of most of it, I thought I’d share with you some of my experience and see what would happen.



Mercredi 11 octobre 2017

20:30 One-Woman Opera : Scenes from the End, Héloïse Werner, soprano, compositrice, actrice

The Other Side of the Sea – Heloise Werner Performance Excerpt from Jessie Rodger on Vimeo.